Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Kulbachinskiy Andrey Vladimirovich


List of staff

Alexey Agapov, Ph.D. student
Daria Esyunina, Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Artem Ignatov, Ph.D. student
Natalia Khachikian, technician
Andrey Kulbachinskiy, lab head, D.Sci.
Anton Kurakov, Ph.D. student
Tamara Logutenkova, technician
Nataliya Miropolskaya, Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Sofia Mindlin, Leading Research Scientist, D.Sci.
Vadim Nikiforov, Leading Research Scientist, D.Sci. 
Maya Petrova, head of the Sector of storage and analysis of microorganisms, D.Sci.
Ivan Petushkov, Ph.D. student
Danil Pupov, Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.

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(from left to right)
D. Pupov, N. Miropolskaya, A. Agapov, A. Kulbachinskiy, A. Kurakov, I. Petushkov, T. Logutenkova (2nd raw),
N Khachikian, D. Esyunina, M. Petrova, S. Mindlin (1st raw)


Main directions of research

- Analysis of the mechanisms of transcription initiation by RNA polymerases containing major and alternative sigma factors
- Analysis of the mechanisms of catalysis in the active site of bacterial RNA polymerase
- Comparison of RNA polymerases from various bacteria, including extremophiles
- Development of aptamers to RNA polymerase and transcription factors
- Studies of the mechanisms of transcription and replication of damaged DNA
- Analysis of the interplay between transcription, DNA repair and replication

The laboratory was organized in 1959 by an outstanding Russian scientist, one of the founders of the Molecular Genetics discipline, Roman B. Khesin. From 1985 to 2004 the laboratory was headed by Vadim G. Nikiforov. From 2005 the head of laboratory is Andrey Kulbachinskiy. In 2009, the Sector of storage and analysis of microorganisms, headed by Maya Petrova, was established within the laboratory.



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